Welcome to Stanton Drew Parish Council


The Parish Council represents the Civil Parish of Stanton Drew, which also includes Stanton Wick. It is one of 51 parish and town councils within Bath and North East Somerset and is a statutory consultee on important issues such as planning applications, local plans, neighbourhood policing, flooding and many other things.

The Parish Council owns and maintains the two bus shelters, grit bins and the Cemetery. In addition it provides and maintains the allotments, and a play area. It also funds maintenance of public rights of way.

Parish Council Members and Contact Details

The Parish Council consists of seven members who are elected for a four year term by the community.  they act on an unpaid, voluntary basis.  There is a paid part-time clerk, who is an employee and officer of the council to whom all correspondence should be addressed. See below. As a small council, we don’t allocate specific roles to individual councillors. All councillors are involved in all council groups and activities.


Liz Richardson     (Chair)
John Hudson   (Vice Chair)
Ivan Batchelor
Roy Hill
Martyn Jones
Jenny Tibbs

Simon Waller


Clerk:     John Harvey
Address: Stanton House, The Drive, Stanton Drew, Bristol, BS39 4DQ
Tel:  01275 333410
Email:  clerk@stantondrewpc.co.uk

SD Standing Orders 2016vs3

Parish Charter